Gate and bridge park Frankendael

Park entrance gate design

Commission: A gate and bridge with a transparent park entrance which cannot be climbed over.
Sturdy ovals are punched out of metal plates using a basic mathematical pattern, with variation from dark to light. 
By then pleating the metal, the gate becomes a solid whole and offers passers-by to perceive a constantly changing image.
The gate creates the idea of sunlight through a canopy of foliage and as such provides the park visitor with a hint of what will follow.

Gate specifics

Location: Park Frankendael, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Execution: Konstruktiewerken Rotterdam
Client: Municipality district Oost- Watergraafsmeer
Advice: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst
Dimensions: Height xxx cm. x width xxx cm
Materials: 2 pivoting square doors of 3.25 meter of treated stainless steel
Year: 2005
Photography: © Annemarie van Splunter
Drawing: Peter Schuitemaker