Layered fencing Doelenpark, Delft

Double-sided fencing Doelenpark, Delft

A fence that relates to the 60 year old park and at the same time to the bordering contemporary architecture.

Along the unity of the lattice-row, the inner fence varies in height and speed. The materials used emphasise the character of both sides:
the city’s side is powerful, with a rhytm, both feet on the ground;
 the park’s side is playful and unpredictable.

Steel, Expanded metal, glimmering iron paint
120 x 0.4 x 3.25 meter
Client: Municipality Delft

Location: Delft
Execution: Konstruktiewerken Rotterdam
Client: Municipality Delft
Dimensions: 120 x 0.4 x 3.25 meter
Materials: expanded metal, glimmering iron paint
Year: 1996
Photography: © Annemarie van Splunter