A monumental bench in Amstelpark, Amsterdam

The Buzzbench is a monumental bench in a citypark where visitors find a quiet retreat and at the same time a biotope for wild bees. With the Buzzbench I’d like to create a new public space that will bring our sensory perception to a higher level.

The shell shape of the bench will change and intensify the humming sounds of bees and hoverflies. The bench embraces and shelters those inside and wraps the visitor into an atmosphere of quiet concentration.

Plenty of flowers to fourage for nectar and pollen in the Amstelpark, a magical place with a huge variety of buildings, plants and creative gardening layouts,
due to the fact that it was originally built for the Floriade in 1972.

Buzzbench specifics

Location: Dahliarama, Amstelpark, Amsterdam
Execution: Artist i.c.w. buildingatelier
Financing: Amsterdams Fund for the Arts, Municipality Amsterdam Zuid,Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, crowdfunding
Dimensions: Height 155 cm. x width 360 cm
Materials: Medite Tricoya Extreme, local cane and bamboo, Tung-oil
Year: 2015
Photography: © Annemarie van Splunter
Drawing: Peter Schuitemaker

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